Water & Wastewater Treatment

Founded in 2004/05, we have emerged as one of the leading solution providers offering Products and Technologies related Water and Waste Water Treatment domain. By offering technologies that assist in “Reducing”, “Reusing” & “Recycling” we help our community and environment by saving money, energy and natural resource.

Our Technologies and Solutions are backed by Six Decade long legacy, Extensive Experience and In House R&D Expertise of our Group / Parent Company. Aquanomics, today is a one-stop solution provider for different technologies, products, components and services and has become the most preferred organization by providing an assorted range of sustainable solutions in Filtration.

Exchange Processes, Membrane Separation, Liquid Containment Solutions and Sewage and Effluent Treatment Applications. Bringing Newer, Superior and more efficient technologies to the Water Market has been our motto and commitment.

Our products & technologies covering wide range of applications