Waste Water Technology

Waste Water Technologies refer to various methods and processes used for treating and managing wastewater to make it safe for discharge into the environment or for re-use. The choice of technology depends on the type and characteristics of the Waste Water, Local Regulations and the desired level of treatment.

Aquanomics commits to providing the latest technologies, solutions, systems and equipment to produce the purest water and treat the most challenging wastewater in the industry. Aquanomics wastewater technologies use innovative, cost-efficient and energy-efficient methods and technologies that are designed for the recovery and reuse of water. Aquanomics is a one-stop provider for all wastewater technologies for the treatment of water and wastewater applications.


The wastewater technologies provided by Aquanomics are:

  • Grit removal systems for STP
  • IFAS systems for STP
  • MBR Solutions: Ceramic flat plate membranes/ PES hollow fiber modules/ PVDF flat sheet modules/ Integrated permeate channel (IPC) flat sheet MBR
  • Fine bubble diffusers