Top & Side Mount Bobbin Wound Filters

Aquanomics series top & side mount bobbing wound filters provide high-quality filtered water with lower power consumption. The fiberglass design makes the filter durable, deforming-proof, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. These pool filters have a unique and advanced design ensuring fast draining and stabilizing water flow.

These pool filters are equipped with a precise pressure gauge with six positions multi-port valve and consist of a user-friendly handle that provides maximum flow at a low-pressure drop. The efficient multilateral assembly and self-cleaning laterals give balanced flow and backwashing. These pool filters are easy to install and maintain.


  • Outlet Turbidity less than 2NTU
  • Working Pressure: 2kg cm2/ 29 psi / 4kg cm2/ 58 psi

  • Sizes from 450mm to 2000mm

  • Six positions multiport valve with a user-friendly handle.
  • Durable, deforming proof and corrosion-resistant fiberglass winding design.