Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquanomics keeping customer convenience in mind introduced the next-gen, cost-effective pool robotic cleaner by the brand name of Aquanomics by Fairland. This new generation robotic pool cleaner is wireless and is powered by FreeDrive Technology and an i-Mapping system. These technologies help this robotic pool cleaner to sweep the pool more efficiently giving you a clean and free swimming pool experience.

The innovative technology allows the robotic cleaner to get rid of cables and is combined with magnetic tech. The battery of this robotic pool cleaner is more energy-saving and long-lasting. The i-Mapping technology is a smart navigation algorithm that comes with 6 probes and highly precise Gyro. The robotic pool cleaner can scan the different shapes of the pool and can adjust its speed and path to clean the pool accordingly saving 60% of the cleaning time.


  • Consists of a Magnetic Filter basket
  • Remote Controller
  • Powered by Freedrive Technology and i-Mapping system.
  • Intelligently saves 60% of the cleaning time.