Pool Pumps

Aquanomics Pool pumps are high-performing, durable and reliable pumps. These corrosion-resistant pool pumps are more efficient and dependable than any other pump with an attractive appearance. These pumps can be used for recycling and filtering water from swimming pools with cost-effective and low-noise performance. The pool pumps are easy to operate and can be used for different sizes of pools. The structure of the impellers and fans of these pool pumps helps to improve their functioning and performance. These pool pumps are categorized into 2 types i.e. commercial pool pumps and residential pool pumps.

Recirculation Self Priming Pumps (Residential Pumps)

  • Available from 0.75 hp to 3.0 hp
  • Class F
  • Insulation IP55
  • Corrosive proof
  • Low noise

Commercial Pool Pumps

  • Available from 4 hp to 15 hp
  • Class F
  • Insulation IPX5
  • Prefilter basket in CI, SS 304/316
  • Impeller in SS, Graphite & Ceramic