Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Aquanomics proudly introduces a next-gen, eco-friendly, cost-effective and energy-saving inverter pool pump by the brand name of Aquanomics by Fairland. This TurboSilence Inverter Pool Heatpump intelligently optimizes pool heating methods. The TurboSilence control system is optimized based on full inverter technology and has a perfect balance of Inverter Compressor Control and Heat Exchanging technology.

The inverter heat pump is ten times quieter than standard inverter heat pumps with a COP 50% – 70% higher than standard inverter heat pumps by 100% speed giving you an extra 20% capacity for quicker heating which is still higher COP than other heat pumps. The inverter pool pump has a unique porous design with an optimal ventilation system that brings the best heat exchange, is resistant and everlasting.


  • Integrated Control System with free built-in WiFi
  • Intelligent Touch control
  • 10 times quieter than other Heat Pumps
  • 4 season function
  • Energy-saving heat and chill pump
  • Eco-friendly and futuristic